Euro condom

how to protect yourself from stupid rules: the euro condom
as part of milan design week 09 the german designer ingo maurer unveiled ‘the euro condom’
created in response to new EU guidelines that will see frosted light bulbs banned. the product
consists of a thin, heat-resistant silicone cover that turns a clear bulb into a frosted one.

as from september 2009 frosted bulbs will be banned in accordance with new EU guidelines on
light sources because they are said give off less light than clear bulbs. however, according to the
specifications of various manufacturers the difference, measured in lumens, is negligible or not existent.
protect yourself from stupid rules, use the euro condom! 


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One Response to Euro condom

  1. peter dublin says:

    Great idea!

    apparently it’s only for up to 60watt bulbs though I understand they are working on getting it ok for higher wattage bulbs too

    The ban of course makes no sense at any level
    1 supposed energy savings aren’t there for many reasons (heat factor, power factor of CFLs, lifespan and brightness CFL issues etc, as laid out with official references on onwards

    2 the need for energy savings is questionable anyway,
    people can decide themselves what they want to use and pay for,
    there is no society energy shortage,
    renewable/low emission energy is increasing

    3 even if bulbs had to be targeted the they could be taxed and tax could help pay for renewable energy etc initiatives
    – with tax lifted when sufficient low emission energy was available

    About the unpublicised EU and industrial politics behind the ban:

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