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DANGERS OF LOW ENERGY LIGHTBULBS   Saturday March 14,2009 By Penny Stretton   SERIOUS concerns were raised yesterday about the toxic effects of energy-saving lightbulbs.   Doctors say scores of people are coming forward with skin complaints after being exposed to the ultra-violet light … Continue reading

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Visual representation of the electromagnetic field

  More visual representations and pictures of measurements at (Info also available in German, Spanish, French, Italian and Dutch, click here  

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New Zealand scraps ban on traditional lightbulbs The standard low cost, low pollution incandescent light bulb had been banned in New Zealand but on Wednesday the NZ Goverment announced an end to the ban. There have been concerns raised around the world about the high-energy costs … Continue reading

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Open Letter from the Institute of Building Biology

ENERGY SAVING LAMPS AND THE BAN OF INCANDESCENT LAMPS Open Letter from the Institute of Building Biology + Ecology Neubeuern (IBN) to the responsible politicians in the European Union We, hereby, ask you to use all means at your … Continue reading

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