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Compact fluorescent lights (CFL) produce electromagnetic radiation

Letter to the Editor: Vitality Magazine. Not all compact fluorescent lights are the same and not all full spectrum lights are safe. By Magda Havas, Associate Professor of Environmental and Resource Studies at Trent University (Canada) I just read Rob … Continue reading

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Low-energy bulbs ’cause migraine’ (BBC news)

Energy-saving light bulbs could trigger migraines, say campaigners. The Migraine Action Association says members have told them how fluorescent bulbs have led to attacks. The government is set to prevent the sale of conventional light bulbs within the next four … Continue reading

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Low-Energy Lighting and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS/ME)

Opinion of Professor Anthony J Pinching, Associate Dean and Professor of Clinical Immunology, Peninsula Medical School Low-Energy Lighting and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS/ME) This consultation response is from Professor Anthony Pinching, Associate Dean and Professor of Clinical Immunology at Peninsula … Continue reading

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Coverage on Canadian television: Rays of Rash

Part 1: – Rays of Rash Part 2: – Dirty energy Part 3: – Reaction to Rays

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Understanding fluorescent light bulbs (cnn)

HONG KONG, China (CNN) — Save energy — two words that have rapidly become a modern day mantra. But some are now asking, at what cost? One person asking that question is City University of Hong Kong’s professor Ron Hui, … Continue reading

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Shining a Light on Fluorescent Bulbs

Thursday 20 March 2008 by: Alex Johnson  |  Visit article original @ MSNBC News Energy-efficient coils booming, but disposal of mercury poses problems.     Compact fluorescent light bulbs, long touted by environmentalists as a more efficient and longer-lasting alternative to the incandescent bulbs … Continue reading

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Low-energy bulbs ‘worsen rashes’ (BBC news)

The switch to energy-saving light bulbs may put thousands at risk of painful skin reactions, health charities warn. Fluorescent bulbs can exacerbate skin rashes in people with photosensitive skin conditions, experts said. The government is planning to prevent the sale … Continue reading

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