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Scientists discover museum LED lights are damaging valuable masterpieces

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Personal risks posed by LEDs used in everyday devices

Research published in Mapfre’s trade journal Seguridad y Medio Ambiente (Security and Environment): The use of LEDs as lighting sources is growing exponentially, not only as domestic lighting but also in terms of personal devices such as smartphones, computer … Continue reading

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Do ‘environmentally friendly’ LED lights cause BLINDNESS?

(Source: Daily Mail) Spanish research has shown that blue LED light can irreparably damage the cells in the eye’s retina This is not the first time energy-saving bulbs have been criticised – fluorescent bulbs emit dangerous UV light PUBLISHED: 14 … Continue reading

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New study shows that mercury in broken CFL bulbs can exceed safe exposure levels for humans

Taken from July 6, 2011. ¬†Finally someone measured the mercury content of compact fluorescent light (CFL) bulbs! We have been told that these bulbs contain 0.5 mg of mercury and that lower mercury-content bulbs will be produced in the … Continue reading

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Energy-efficient light bulb deadline delayed in Canada

The Canadian Press – Posted: Apr 15, 2011 The federal government wants to delay by two years its deadline requiring all new light bulbs sold in Canada to be energy efficient. A newly published notice says the current deadline in … Continue reading

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